The floor covering plays the heat card

The floor covering plays the heat card

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Need heat inside to effectively combat the cold and gloomy outside ... Zoom on the floor coverings that protect and warm your entire home, inspiring warmth and friendliness!

Warm carpet

She is the one who, visually (but not only, since she is also a very good thermal insulator!) Most inspires this soft warmth of cocooning atmosphere to which we aspire so much during the long winter months. A little put aside in recent years, it is very fashionable in our interiors. If you want to favor a carpet with short or curly pile (easier to maintain), accentuate its warm side by opting for warm colors such as red-orange tones for example. The trend turns however more on the shaggy carpet, this carpet with the more or less twisted long hairs which are oriented in all the directions for an incomparable soft blur. There, the feeling of warmth is omnipresent: a simple glance at this carpet and you will feel warmed, not to mention the moment when you put your bare feet on it…

Wood and imitation wood…

Visually, wood is also a source of heat. A solid wood parquet will immediately bring a natural and friendly atmosphere in your living room and to the touch it is not cold underfoot as can be a tiled floor. Whether you choose it light or dark, it will always stay warm. In light wood, it will capture more light (not negligible aspect to combat the greyness of the winter season) and, associated with fake furs, will inspire you in bright and warm Nordic interiors. In dark wood, it will bring more exoticism and sunshine to your interior. If your budget does not support the purchase of wooden parquet, do not panic: the adhesive vinyl parquet blades perfectly imitate wood and will bring you, visually, the same comfort for a reduced expense.

Plant fiber flooring

These are coatings which in addition to having a real aesthetic advantage are ecological. It would be wrong not to give them a chance! The coating in bamboo for example, could well dethrone the oak parquet boards. Its fine stripes have varying shades of colors, in shades of blond wood. Sometimes very clear, sometimes rather honey, bamboo vibrates your soil with its warm colors and gives it softness, warmth and exoticism ... It will suit all rooms of the house including in the bathroom, for a truly atmospheric comforting. Sisal, seagrass or coconut have the same common point that they are natural vegetable fibers which breathe exoticism… a good inspiration heat for your interior, with fibers coming from regions with tropical or subtropical climate! These coatings are just as suitable in the living room as in the bedrooms or the office, because they are visually refined and warm, technically resistant and comfortable!


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