Video: how to install an electric socket?

Video: how to install an electric socket?

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Have you bought a new apartment and no electrical socket has been installed yet? Do you want to install an electric socket, but you don't know how? Laid Azzi, from, shows you how to install an electric socket easily and quickly.

Watch the video :

Safety first

Before starting to install the socket, make sure that the main power is off. This precaution is essential when you touch electricity, in order to avoid any accident.

Install the new socket

To be able to install the new socket, you must first remove the domino in place. The domino is used to secure the electrical wires before a socket is installed. To remove the domino, you just have to unscrew the small screws located on the domino, in order to free the electrical wires. Then grasp the new pinch socket. To connect it to the wires, you need to pinch the part of the socket provided for this purpose: this opens the electrical part of the socket into which the wire must be inserted. Repeat the operation a second time, with the other side to be pinched, to connect the second wire. Push each wire well inside the socket, so that it cannot escape.

Simplicity and efficiency

The pinch system allows quick and easy installation. Previously, the sockets had to be screwed on the electric cables. When you have finished the installation, screw on the bulbs then turn on the power again to check that the sockets work. Following Laid Azzi's advice, you will install your sockets in just a few minutes. Watch the video How to install an electric socket? on Produced by Minute Facile.