How to choose old objects

How to choose old objects

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It is not so easy to integrate old objects and furniture into our current interiors. If you are a fan of old pieces and would like to decorate your home with them, you will need a few notions of style and period to create a harmonious decor. Some period furniture has become essential in its style as long as you know how to stage it correctly!

Louis XV Shepherdesses and Dressing Tables

Classic, refined but very worked, sometimes still exuberant. Here are the old pieces that you will find in the Louis XV style. It is the style which is similar to what is very commonly known in decoration the rococo style. You will not find any right angle on the furniture: the shapes are all curved, the furniture is curved, the feet are elegantly curved and often end as rolled up on themselves. The whole of the wood is skillfully carved with patterns themselves very rounded and sometimes asymmetrical. If you like this beautifully elaborated style, all you have to do is go in search of the essential and very comfortable bergère armchair, must-have of this style. The dressing table, the dressing table or the chest of drawers dated from this period are also highly sought-after period pieces. They often have a molded marble top, and are adorned with bucolic motifs: bouquets, birds ... The shepherdess and the dressing table will blend perfectly into the atmosphere of an intimate room. Your room will thus adopt sophisticated, elegant and sensual airs and a delicately feminine atmosphere.

Louis XVI medallion armchairs

Back to the simplicity of the lines with the Louis XVI style. Not completely devoid of patterns, the furniture of this period is nevertheless more sober. The lines are straight and geometric, the carved patterns are simple and symmetrical. The dressers and consoles are rectilinear, the base of the seats is straight, often tapered and soberly fluted. What we remember above all from this style and from this period are the armchairs and chairs whose straight backrests are gradually taking on the characteristic shape of a medallion. You can create an elegant and distinguished decor in a neo-classical style in your living room with these medallion chairs. You will also have to find the table that suits the style: circular table, preferably with single base and mahogany color. Finally, to work even more on your Louis XVI style interior decoration, bet on copper decorative objects.

Art Nouveau atmosphere

If you are looking for old objects and furniture from more recent times and which are back in vogue because of the current craze for returning to nature, bet on the pieces of the Art Nouveau period: slender curves inspired by nature, rural and aquatic motifs. These pieces of furniture are often fine, delicate and feminine, for a bedroom or a living room with a very soft decor.