Video: treat a sick bamboo

Video: treat a sick bamboo

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Thanks to the explanations given by our guest Jacques My, expert from the Plant Clinic, you will know how to treat bamboos suffering from helminthosporiasis. In this video sequence, the diseased plant has a yellowed stem and has a black spot. Discover the recommendations of our expert, on video!

Question from the user

<< J'ai un problème avec un bambou installé dans ma cuisine depuis plus de cinq ans. Je change l'eau une fois par semaine et j'en rajoute quand il n'y en a pas assez. Un des bambous a une couleur jaune et présente des taches noires. Ses feuilles sont légèrement décolorées. Diagnostic ? >>

Watch the video

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Auscultation and diagnosis

Our internet user presents the case of bamboo deposited in a glass of water and placed in a kitchen. They are called "trees or shoots of happiness". Among these shoots, there are three healthy bamboos and another yellow, with a black line along the stem. This black spot is characteristic of a very common disease in grasses, especially bamboos: helminthosporiosis.

Some recommendations

It is essential to eliminate diseased sprouts. To do this, take the stem, take it out of the pot and rid it so that it does not contaminate others. To maintain the bamboo in pots, it is advisable to change the water once every fortnight and provide the plant with nutritious solutions, such as fertilizer. You can get them from a garden center. If you just change the water, the bamboos will eventually weaken, which will promote the onset of the disease. To ensure the full development of your bamboos, follow the instructions of our expert! You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic! Also find out how to treat a bamboo invaded by midges.


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