What color should be given with a decoration of geometric patterns?

What color should be given with a decoration of geometric patterns?

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Sparkling and dynamic, a decoration with geometric patterns allows you to invent an original and trendy abstract universe. The graphic shapes reveal emotions that stimulate creativity and imagination. To accentuate this positive influence on morale, opt for vitamin colors. In a more retro style, you can add colors in shades of khaki, brown or gray. For a designer decoration, decline these graphic patterns in black and white.

Vitamin colors for a decoration with geometric shapes

Inspired by the sixties, the graphic patterns are accompanied by bright colors for a daring decorative universe. An explosion of primary colors like blue, red and yellow, are inviting in your interior. These colors act as an outlet for everyday concerns. Combine these flashy colors with geometric shapes to get positive energy. In a contemporary style, these tones offer unique and refreshing sensations. Available in green, purple and orange, these colors bring joie de vivre and light into your interior. This graphic and colorful universe excites the senses. Opt for round, square or rectangular shapes. The circles of colors invite themselves on the wallpaper and the cushions while the rectangles and the squares appropriate the furniture as in a Mondrian canvas. This clever mix of pop colors will brighten up your style. For a successful graphic decoration, dare the colors and mix them together.

Black and white graphic patterns for a design style

The trend of geometric patterns in decoration emphasizes the following forms: the diamond and the triangle. Bedspread, plaid or carpet, dress these shapes in black and white or in gray and black for a design and graphic decoration. These colors fit perfectly into a modern style. The design is appreciated in a contrast of colors. For a quirky and design atmosphere, stickers and wallpaper are imagined around black and white patterns. These colors lend themselves particularly well to a modern and refined universe. The combination of these two colors brings a design side to your interior. The trend is with graphic patterns in black and white or white and gray to create a harmony of shapes and colors in your design decoration.

The retro trend in geometric decoration

Clean and geometric, the design of the 50s returns to the interiors. Woven in jacquard in khaki tones, the textile reinvents a retro style in tune with the times with its vintage patterns. This inspiration is also characterized by shades of green available on decorative items. Khaki, chocolate and gray offer the opportunity to combine both winter and trendy colors with geometric shapes. You can play on geometric shapes and color gradations to give your interior a unique and singular character with a retro touch. The pastel tones are ideally integrated into a decoration with geometric shapes for a guaranteed vintage style. The atmosphere of the 50s then takes its place in your decoration with the presence of abstract shapes in taupe or khaki green colors.