The design lesson according to Ferm Living

The design lesson according to Ferm Living

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You don't know this name yet? However, it is emulated by our friends in northern Europe! Ferm Living, a Danish brand specializing in interior design, was founded in 2005 by graphic designer Trine Andersen. His universe? A clever mix of modernity and vintage, simple shapes and playful Scandinavian graphics. Ferm Living thus develops objects with a strong identity, starting from natural materials such as paper, cotton or cork. The production is artisanal and the design recognizable among a thousand! The brand offers a wide choice of decorative objects for the home, from wallpaper with geometric patterns to playful stickers, accessories for the kitchen or even the decoration of children's rooms.

Creativity at your fingertips

Founded in 2005, the young Danish brand Ferm Living represents the new wave of Scandinavian design. The founder and designer of the Trine Andersen brand creates products in a Nordic spirit where design, quality and nature are inseparable. Intense colors, trendy prints, knitted cotton knit… Ferm Living creations bring a world of inspiration into our interiors. Since her childhood, Trine creates objects and handles the art of sewing. In her small village of Jylland in the north of Denmark, she already made dresses for her dolls when she was young, from scraps of fabrics recovered from her parents' clothing factory. The history of Ferm Living begins 7 years ago. Trine then desperately searches for an original wallpaper for her interior. Not finding her happiness in store, she decides to launch herself into the creation of patterned wallpapers. The first collection - composed exclusively of ultra trendy wall papers - was born a few months later, in February 2006. Initially specialized in graphic design, the brand confirmed this first success before expanding its catalog around the various home accessories. . Then follows a diversification of the products offered, always keeping this same graphic guideline - triangles and diamonds in sober colors, playful and bucolic black silhouettes. The famous little bird, emblem of the brand, was inspired by Trine by a psychic: it is now present on the Ferm Living stickers, cushions and other accessories!

Current vintage

Ferm Living offers above all a catalog of everyday objects in tune with the times. Danish creations mix imaginative shapes and offbeat subjects with a modern and classic look, without ever departing from the traditional Scandinavian style. The brand's favorite materials are natural elements in their raw state: paper, cotton rope, raw silk, cork, etc. In addition to the wallpapers, Trine creates many kitchen accessories - from the tea towel to the trivet or the mugs. In terms of storage, the brand gives pride of place to laundry baskets, graphic boxes or even playful shelves. For a complete tour of the catalog, head to the website: //