What colors should be given for a traditional tree?

What colors should be given for a traditional tree?

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Choosing the decoration of your Christmas tree implies creating a universe that is both magical and friendly for the Holidays. To make a traditional Christmas tree, stick to the symbolism of Christmas in pure tradition. In this warm and authentic spirit, prefer ornaments in shades of red, white and green.

Christmas in the mountains

In a cozy and warm style, opt for a tree decorated with a traditional and authentic decoration inspired by the chalet spirit. In red and white, choose balls, garlands of pine cones and wooden ornaments dressed in elk and Santa Claus in traditional dress, these decorations will awaken the spirit of Christmas in the heart of winter. Invite nature into your home by adding mountain animals to your Christmas tree. In shades of red, brown and green, give your decorative universe very natural accents. Like a chalet-inspired decoration, multiply the hearts in red and the Alpine landscape medallions. In brown, add chocolate-colored balls and wooden crowns. Authentic and friendly, the Christmas tree puts on its most beautiful garment. In green, chocolate or red gingham, snowflakes, pine cones and snowshoes come together to offer a decoration inspired by nature and its colors. The Swiss cow bell in green or the red snowflake, combine classic patterns and colors for a magical Christmas.

A Christmas of yesteryear

Rediscover your childhood memories with a Christmas tree like the decor of yesteryear. Tradition takes hold of Christmas decorations. Reindeer garland, Santa Claus, rocking horse and bell, all the ingredients are there to live a magical Christmas. In the old style, classic ornaments evoke the charm of this period in an authentic spirit. In this red and green decor, choose decorative elements such as balls, angels and stars to find your child's soul. Shape your tree to your image. The essential colors of the Christmas tree of yesteryear are green, red, gold and white for unforgettable Christmas parties. Finally, choose green and red tones to stay in the classic world.

A frosty Christmas

All dressed in white, the Christmas tree symbolizes the purity of a Christmas under the snow. To reinforce this image of the snowy fir tree, set up a frosted decor. Frosted cupolas, flakes and translucent stars, white squirrels, stalactite balls, garlands made of frosted balls or white Christmas flakes, play on the white and the transparency of the glass to create an icy universe full of charm. Succumb to the softness of white for Christmas celebrations under the sign of a winter under the snow. Invite the ice floes into your world with animals evoking the great cold such as penguins, polar bears and Eskimos. Place snowy stalactites at the end of the branches of the tree to give the impression of an icy Christmas. To complete this immaculate painting, add a touch of originality with ornaments mixing both white and silver for perfect harmony.


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