Embroidery: learning to embroider a cord stitch eyelet

Embroidery: learning to embroider a cord stitch eyelet

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The cord stitch is used in embroidery to embroider letters or any type of fine line, as well as to make eyelets. Below we will show you how to embroider a cord stitch eyelet. 1. Start by embroidering around the eyelet in straight stitch, then take out the needle on the front of the actu: 739845 fabric just below one of the straight stitches.
2. Pass the needle through the slot and take it out on the place of the actu: 739845 fabric to the right of the previous exit point. Make sure to take out the needle just below the line drawn previously at straight point.
3. Repeat the operation all the way through the eyelet, passing the needle successively through the slot, then pulling it out to the right of the previous exit point.


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