Snowflakes in the background

Snowflakes in the background

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Bring snow into your home (all the more if you don't even have it outside!) This is of course one of the flagship decorative motifs of the Christmas period. But do not confine yourself to placing your snow on and at the foot of your tree, the delicate shapes of the flakes can interfere everywhere in your decor.

On the tree of course…

To decorate your tree, you can of course use snow spray on the branches of the tree and at its base. You will also find many suspensions that will display the fragile cutouts of the snowflakes. But don't just hang for the tree!

A poetic atmosphere with garlands and tealight holders

Why not have fun creating a global decor? Bet on a decoration all in white and gold or perhaps even better, all in white and silver to highlight the snowflake patterns. So start by dressing your windows with adhesives to mimic the snow falling outside. Staging the fragile and poetic shapes of the snowflakes via light garlands. Opt for openwork ball garlands, which will project the shape of snowflakes on your walls, for a magical atmosphere. To continue playing with light, think of tealight which will have the same office as your garland, they will make appear in a very soft way, flakes everywhere on your Christmas table. Concerning precisely your table, you will find without problem tablecloth, table runners, or napkins which will elegantly display this motif. You can even use coasters shaped like a snowflake!


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