Unusual: a candlestick that melts like a candle!

Unusual: a candlestick that melts like a candle!

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The American designer Paul Loebach offers us a candlestick named "Candlestick" out of the ordinary! This distorted candlestick evokes the "surreal" period but its use remains the same as that of a classic candlestick!

What's more?

This chandelier, 25 cm high and 9.5 cm in diameter, is available in several colors: red, blue, green ... It is not this argument that makes it more interesting, it is obviously its design! Its distortion at the table will make your guests speak, who will worry that the wax will flow on your tablecloth while your candle will hold! It can also find its place during a private dinner, a dancing evening, with its distortion it will feel like your candlestick is swaying! But, it especially reminds us of the surrealist period, one might think that it comes straight out of a work by Dali, when he painted or sculpted the passage of time, which drips down, like a candle that ultimately burns out. For children, it will refer directly to the candlestick in "Beauty and the Beast" and finally yours will also appear lively!

Find out more about its production…

To make this candlestick, Paul Loebach begins by creating a basic candlestick which he makes in 3D, then he twists it using graphic software. Afterwards, he prints it in 3D using a prototype metal. Finally, it uses marble and resin to constitute it! This designer says he is "more interested in design than the study of form with the fundamental objective of giving meaning to objects". This dreamlike candle holder will be talked about and will be exhibited like a sculpture!