The decoration of the best pastry chef

The decoration of the best pastry chef

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After Top Chef, M6 puts the spotlight on pastry and sets off in search of the Best Pastry Chef in a culinary show that will not fail to stir your taste buds! And in addition to taking care of the plates, the decoration of the kitchen also has its small effect!

Sweet colors for the kitchen of the Best Pastry Chef

The candidates of the show have the chance to work under a very beautiful tent installed in a garden, which offers them a beautiful light which comes to illuminate very soft colors, as soft as those of pastries. The worktops alternate white and purple for a very pleasant retro atmosphere that the furniture transcribes well with these shell handles. On the sides of the kitchen, beautiful open shelves allow to display all the utensils, beautiful dishes and presentation dishes.

Top equipment

To be the best pastry chef, you also need the best equipment! The candidates thus each have at their disposal a complete knife block to always have the right utensil but also robots with retro lines which are not less perfected. On the work plan, it is the Kenix Kmix robot which makes the show in daring colors like pink or blue. Indispensable, it allows you to make all the cake doughs and other gourmet toppings. And to store the preparations, these are beautiful Smeg refrigerators that offer their retro lines in pastel colors in this enchanting kitchen. You will almost smell the smell of pastries…