How to decorate your living room in an oriental style?

How to decorate your living room in an oriental style?

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Sarah's question:


Answer: warm colors and wrought iron furniture

Hello Sarah, you want to give an oriental atmosphere to your living room and it is a great idea because oriental decoration is synonymous with friendliness and warm hospitality. Your living room will be transformed into a place of comfort. Keep in mind that the oriental inspiration is based on a mixture of warm colors and artistically arranged materials! Choose cushions on your sofa or on the floor in yellow, ocher, red, purple or orange. On the furniture side, mix wrought iron furniture, such as small side tables as a coffee table with raw wood furniture to enhance the oriental style. Rather than applying normal paint to the walls, choose a light gray or beige tadelakt or lightly textured paint for a warmer atmosphere. On the floor, place one or two graphic and colorful rugs at the same time for an oriental and contemporary living room. The lighting is also of great importance: have openwork metal lanterns in the moucharabiehs style in which the candles will diffuse a soft and subdued light. On the wall, an octagonal mirror in aged and worked silver metal will give style to your room. As for accessories, do not hesitate to place a tray, frames, hammered silver candles on your furniture… You too, send us your decoration question