How to customize your toilets?

How to customize your toilets?

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It would be wrong to deprive yourself of customizing your toilets. First of all because you spend almost four years of your life there and as long as you do, as long as the environment is pleasant. Then because this room in the house, often the smallest, must be considered as an experimental laboratory: it is the ideal space to train on a new decoration and new techniques such as masking tape or laying stickers. Two good reasons to tackle the customization of your toilets as soon as possible.

The wall, a space for expression

If your toilet walls are white or solid in color, then you have tremendous potential to express your creativity. There are many solutions to customize your walls. You can for example use masking tape like that of Mt Kamoi sold at Amazon (€ 19.95 for 6 rolls) to highlight photos or posters. There are also wall stickers specially dedicated to toilets but you can obviously vary depending on the atmosphere you want for your room. Bet on originality with a touch of poetry thanks to the Toilet Paper stickers from Domestic (51 €) which gives the impression of a leaking toilet paper.

Original accessories

For personalized toilets, you have to dare one or two original accessories. The exercise can seem difficult because the offbeat accessories dedicated to this piece sometimes flirt with bad taste. You must also remain reasonable: if you choose, for example, to customize your toilet seat, then keep a low profile on the roller holder and the brush. For toilets with a baroque spirit, we will opt for the toilet seat Black & White in La Redoute (46 €). For a natural style, we put everything on the very poetic Pqtier de Presse Citron tree-shaped roll holder (€ 153.90 at Maginea). All our Toilet decoration videos