What is an ethnic motif?

What is an ethnic motif?

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Whether fashion or interior design, the "ethnic" style is very trendy today. In decoration, we love its warm colors and its patterns which often cause a certain change of scenery ... Yes, but more specifically, do you know what an ethnic motif is?

Some misconceptions ...

In an erroneous way, we often assimilate the ethnic style to an exotic decor from Black Africa, and in a restrictive and stereotypical way, we therefore imagine these ethnic motifs as representative of the incredible and majestic fauna of these distant lands. But think again, the ethnic patterns are not just welts on a cushion and leopard-like stains on a plaid.

Traditional patterns from authentic and ancestral crafts

In reality, the ethnic style is at its origin, shaped by tribes around the world. As a result, the motifs attributed to it come first and foremost from ancestral craftsmanship and know-how inherent in each ethnic group, whether people from Africa, America, Asia, from Oceania or from Europe! We can therefore speak of Scandinavian ethnic motifs as well as Indian ethnic motifs, for example ... And these will therefore be above all traditional motifs, which we take up, revamp, bring up to date.

Exoticism and change of scenery

It is of course above all the search for exoticism, the desire to escape and also the fascination for certain cultures which will direct you towards an ethnic style decoration. For each culture, its traditional patterns ... perhaps you would rather opt for the geometric and symmetrical forms of Turkish kilims, or more for the arabesques and plant motifs prevalent in Indian culture? It's up to you to discover these ethnic motifs which tell you about the peoples and make you discover the world!