Video: how to make a heart-shaped pendant lamp?

Video: how to make a heart-shaped pendant lamp?

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For Valentine's Day, we went to meet Véronique Pulby - alias Chipie la Galette - a Lyon designer passionate about creative hobbies. Through a few short videos, she gives you her tips and tricks for making personalized decorative objects, which do not require either being an expert or putting your hand in your pocket! Today, Véronique manufactures a light pendant in the shape of a heart. An idea to take up for other occasions and to decline endlessly in all forms!

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What you need for your suspension

- Annealed aluminum wire - Nylon wire - A pair of bending pliers - A pair of wire cutters - An electric garland - Physalis - A pair of scissors

What to do

Make the metal structure in the shape of a heart with the aluminum wire. Remember to close the heart with the bending pliers and cut the excess wire. The knot will be used as a hanging point, at the end, to fix the suspension to the wall. Attach the base of the electric garland - untangled beforehand - with nylon to the bottom of the heart and wrap the garland around the aluminum wire. Again use nylon thread to tie the end of the light garland to the heart. With a point of scissors, remove the center of the physalis and embed them inside the bulbs. Now it's up to you to play with shapes and make suspensions according to your taste! Find out more!


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