Asko, the appliance brand that came from the cold

Asko, the appliance brand that came from the cold

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This premium Swedish brand will be entering the French market, so listen carefully because you will certainly hear about it in a few months. Today specializing in kitchen appliances, Asko was originally a manufacturer of washing machines. The main point is that this business was created only because a son wanted to please his mother. In 1950 in Sweden, Karl-Erik Andersson regretted that his farming mother did not have to decline the offer to buy a washing machine. He dreams of being able to offer him the same kind of device that would consume little energy and water. Driven by this momentum, Karl-Erik Andersson ended up inventing this machine and launching its production. Today Asko is still sensitive to environmental problems. It benefits from the Scandinavian label Nordic Swan which takes into account the complete life cycle of the product. The other important aspect is obviously the design since Asko is based on a Swedish tradition which wants the useful to be logically beautiful. As obvious! Belonging to Gorenje, the brand benefits from the latest technologies developed by the group as evidenced by this so-called "intelligent" induction hob. Wireless sensors are placed on the lids of the pans during cooking, these analyze and transmit this data to the hob which automatically adjusts its settings.
Asko, IQCook HI1645IQ induction hob (no price yet)


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