How to waterproof a tiled roof?

How to waterproof a tiled roof?

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Answer: apply a waterproofing product to the damaged tiles.

Over time, the tiles can deteriorate. Water then seeps more easily into your home. The cause may come from tiles that have become porous. In this case, you can apply a waterproofing product. If the tiles are cracked, you will need a so-called sealant. In both cases, it is a liquid to be coated on the tiles. The goal is to coat the elements to be treated as long as they drink the product. One coat is enough. You can use a paint brush, a brush, a gun or a sprayer. It is advisable to use a mask and gloves during application. With one liter, you should be able to treat between 3 to 5 m² of roof. These products have an effectiveness of approximately two to three years. The duration is shortened if you live in an area where frost is frequent. You too, send us your DIY question.