Mistakes to avoid before moving in

Mistakes to avoid before moving in

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Are you going to move to a new home? Faced with the excitement of change and the many things to do, it's easy to make a few mistakes. We then offer you our advice on how to calmly enter your new accommodation. One watchword: be organized!

Do not postpone work

Contrary to what you might think, it is better to do the small work of your interior before your move. Whether you buy or rent your home, it is advisable to repaint, change the floors or other work before installing your furniture! This will save you from having to move them if you change the floor, for example, to cover them if you carry out painting work. You are thus sure to enter the interior of which you want because once the furniture installed and all the boxes to be unpacked you are likely to give up your desires of renovation.

Make no mistake in the measurements

When you take the measurements of your future home, take care to be rigorous because you may well have unpleasant surprises when you install your sofa or refrigerator. Take the window measurements to find the right curtains and make sure your furniture matches the space. To take measurements in the kitchen, make sure the floor is level. In fact, if you have to fit a refrigerator under a worktop, the measures will differ if the floor is not flat. If you buy a kitchen or have parquet installed, do not hesitate to call a professional to take the measurements too.

Do not neglect delivery times

Before moving in, if you have to buy furniture, take care of the delivery times which sometimes take off. As much as you will not need your TV cabinet or your designer armchair right away but the fridge, the bed and all the same the sofa will quickly be essential! For the sofas, the signs often allow for a delay of 6 to 8 weeks which must therefore be anticipated (also think of the delays). For household appliances, brands often offer to remove merchandise directly, but this will not be the case with the Internet, where delays can climb up to three weeks. And not to delay the installation of your furniture, make sure that it will go through the door because it will otherwise have to hire a crane to pass the sofa through the window for example.

Don't do it all of a sudden

Finally, be aware that you do not have to buy all the furniture and decoration before moving in. On the contrary, it is sometimes easier to plan the style of decoration that you want once you live in the new accommodation. You will then be better aware of the volumes and spaces to choose, for example, the appropriate light fixtures or even small furniture and of course the decoration. And your budget will only be more balanced if you spread your expenses!


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