Indoor air pollution under the microscope

Indoor air pollution under the microscope

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Indoor air more polluted than outside? This could have been the subject of a bad joke, and yet it is the sad reality. Explanations and tracks to follow around this alarming observation living at the same address as us.

Indoor air pollution: the origins

For some time, several studies have pointed out the pollution of confined spaces. The best known, that of the Observatory of indoor air quality, even explains that homes and workplaces are more exposed to pollution than outside. Incredible, and yet very true. The accused, they are multiple. In the collimator, we find in particular decoration and construction products (insulating foam, paints, carpets, etc.) but also maintenance products (aerosols, descalers, etc.), which mostly import the presence of volatile organic compounds. (VOC). Heating devices, because they generate a large amount of CO2 are also targeted, while for others, such as certain daily habits (lighting candles, office work, preparing a meal, etc.), suspected guilt still remains. to prove. In other words, the sources of pollution are many and varied, as are the consequences for our health.

The consequences on our health

The repercussions on our health caused by indoor air pollution may still lack accuracy (this is the case with its carcinogenic impact) it has however been proven that it can cause respiratory problems such as asthma and increase cases of skin allergies, especially in children, who are the first to be affected by these symptoms. As for the possibility that this indoor pollution promotes cancer, a question raised by a large number of specialists is the presence of benzene, toxic and carcinogenic component in certain products, which is questioned. Because if its concentration in each of them remains minimal, in addition, the grouping of several products and their snowball effect could have serious consequences on our health ... Until further studies can provide us with more details on the subject , it remains to focus on the factors making it possible to reduce the dangers as well as possible.

Solutions to reduce the impact

To counter the air pollution in our homes and in our offices, there is nothing better than ventilating the premises regularly! No question then of depriving yourself of daily or almost daily ventilation: opening the windows becomes a major weapon. Another precaution to take: favor maintenance, cleaning, decoration, renovation and construction products that are healthier and less toxic. In this sense, the effervescence of "green" products and materials plays in our favor. It remains to take the good habit of choosing this type of consumption called green, and sticking to it, as many of us already do when choosing our culinary products…