How to install a shower screen?

How to install a shower screen?

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Answer: measure the shower tray, position the fixing profiles and insert dowels to fix the door on the rim of the shower.

To start installing your shower screen, measure your shower tray. This will be useful for you to know the size of the shower screen that you will need to buy. Once equipped with the shower screen, position the fixing profiles on the side wall and on the edge of the shower tray, and make sure that they are vertical. Attach fixing points, drill holes and insert plugs. Make sure your drill stays perpendicular to the wall. Present the door as part of the shower, on the rim of the shower tray, and screw the door profile to those already fixed on the rim of the shower. Then tighten the screws. Check that the door opens and closes properly. Finally, install a silicone seal on the outside of the walls, along the profiles and outside of the receiver to seal the connection with the wall. You too, send us your brico question