Housing at the heart of Europeans' priorities

Housing at the heart of Europeans' priorities

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A survey carried out by the British Kingfisher group of 15,000 owners in eight European countries has made it possible to better understand consumption behavior and trends in terms of home furnishings. Results.

Housing, a priority for European consumers

The survey shows that home improvement is clearly a priority in Europe. This in front of holidays and leisure in terms of expenses. Nine out of 10 homeowners said they would start work on their home in 2012, and two-thirds plan to spend as much or more next year to improve their housing. Almost three-quarters do the work themselves. Increasing the value of your home only comes in fifth position in the list of motivations for carrying out work at home, behind the desire to refresh or renovate your home, to make it more comfortable, to adapt it to a new one. family structure and decide to improve it rather than move. These attitudes underline an evolution in the behavior of owners who consider their accommodation above all as a place to live rather than as a financial investment. 52% of owners plan to live in their house for at least ten years, clearly demonstrating the tendency to improve rather than move. Today, better housing rhymes with better quality of life.

Adapting housing to new lifestyles

In all the countries surveyed, the owners adapt their accommodation to children living longer in the family home ("Tanguy" effect), or to take care of elderly parents. They are also taking advantage of technological developments to make homework easier and to equip rooms dedicated to leisure. As a result of changing lifestyles and the organization of work, the results also show that Europeans spend more time at home. They adapt their homes to have leisure (40%), relaxation (39%) and work (23%) spaces. Painting and decorating are the first activity of most Europeans when they improve their habitat. Then come the renewal of the furniture, then the renovation of the kitchen or the bathroom.

Differences by country

This study also shows differences by country. The French, for example, have been the ones who spent the most on DIY in the past 12 months. Poland, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Turkey and Germany are the countries that spent the least. English and Irish owners, as well as the Germans, pay the most attention to their garden, while in Turkey security and lighting are at the top of the line of expenditure.

The Internet, a powerful ally

The internet is widely used for home improvement, but mainly for researching, comparing prices, and finding advice, rather than shopping. Overall, only 35% of those surveyed said they buy products for the improvement of their habitat on the Internet. The Germans are fond of shopping on the Internet (48%), the French much less (21%).

Ecology, an important concern in housing

Making your home more eco-friendly is an important concern in Europe. In fact, 32% of respondents say that this is "important". Energy-saving products are among the most popular eco-investments, demonstrating that saving money on lower energy bills is as important as preserving the planet if not more.

Who is the Kingfisher group?

Kingfisher plc is the leading European distributor of home improvement products and the third worldwide with more than 1,000 stores in eight countries in Europe and Asia. Its main brands are Castorama, Brico Dépôt and Screwfix. Kingfisher also owns 50% in a joint venture with the Koç group in Turkey, and has a strategic alliance and a 21% stake in Hornbach, the German leader in DIY distribution in warehouse stores. The study, the results of which have just been published, focused on the European markets where Kingfisher is established or representing an economic interest: Germany, Spain, Ireland, France, Poland, the United Kingdom , Russia and Turkey.


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