Mistakes to Avoid for a Safe Kitchen

Mistakes to Avoid for a Safe Kitchen

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Domestic accidents are very numerous every year whereas in most cases they could be avoided provided that you are vigilant and secure the rooms and in particular the kitchen. To help protect you from the dangers of cooking, we suggest that you warn against any mistakes that you may make.

Do not leave free access to the kitchen

If you have young children, the kitchen is certainly not a playground for them! This is why it is preferable not to give them free access to this room because they could get intoxicated with products found under the sink, choke on a plastic bag or even burn themselves or injure themselves. To remedy this problem and secure the kitchen, you can opt for a security portal that you will place on the kitchen door. And if the latter is open to the living room or dining room, be extra vigilant and place your products high and do not leave anything lying around that your child can catch.

Do not leave the handle of the pan outside

It is one of the stupidest accidents that can be avoided with a simple precaution! To avoid burns which can really be dangerous, always remember to place the handle of the pan towards the inside of the worktop so as not to risk hanging it while passing. In this way, your children will not try to grab the stick that protrudes from the worktop either.

Don't overlook the dangers of the oven

On the burn side, the oven is also dangerous! Some ovens generate heat through the door, even if today almost all doors are insulated. Then take care when you open a hot oven, especially if it is placed in the lower part of the kitchen because the heat rises towards you. Never forget to protect your hands to remove an item from the oven even if you think the temperature was low enough to do it because we sometimes have surprises!

Don't neglect the flooring

Contrary to what one might think, it is not only kitchen utensils and appliances that are dangerous in this room! Slippery floors are just as dangerous because they can cause serious falls. To prevent these accidents, choose a tile with a non-slip quality or choose a non-slip coating like vinyl. On the other hand, water can easily get on the kitchen floor, so take a moment to wipe it off immediately so as not to cause a fall.

Don't forget to store your utensils properly

Finally, be careful with your kitchen accessories! Take care when moving with a knife or other sharp utensil and never leave them lying around on the kitchen worktop. When you put them away too, be careful because a knife that is not stored in a drawer can hurt you when you are looking for something. The ideal is to devote a compartment to them and especially to arrange the large kitchen knives in a block of knives or on a magnetic bar in order to avoid accidents.