How to repair cracks in an acrylic bathtub?

How to repair cracks in an acrylic bathtub?

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Answer: act immediately with a special kit to find in a DIY store.

The first thing to do when you notice a crack on any acrylic object or piece of furniture is to fix it immediately. It is essential to be fast because cracks on acrylic tend to spread very quickly, and you risk ending up with a crack that is getting wider and wider. Here is the solution for repairing all acrylic furniture and supports: go to your nearest DIY store. In the Silicone and Putty department, there are kits that will allow you to repair your acrylic bathtub yourself. These kits contain fiberglass, resin, hardener and finishing resin, which will improve the final result. These kits are very complete and easy to use, no need to be an accomplished handyman to use them. These acrylic support repair kits even allow you to repair holes larger than 2 cm, so it's a safe bet that they will come to the end of your crack! You too, send us your decoration question Our practical DIY videos