Trend: furniture plays on mobile

Trend: furniture plays on mobile

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In the house, the furniture is no longer frozen! Our usual furniture is adorned with casters to become mobile in order to reinvent the house according to your desires. Zoom on this trend that rolls up tables and sofas.

Casters and industrial style

At first, the casters on the furniture made their appearance under the influence of the industrial style and the loft spirit. With the advent of factory-inspired furniture, tables and other storage furniture feature casters on a metal base. Industrial furniture and its raw look also seduce with its practical spirit. We discover for example the recovered coffee tables which are none other than pallets on casters which were used to move cardboard boxes or other heavy loads. It is then the casters themselves which give the functional spirit to the furniture and this idea will contaminate the whole decor.

Casters for small spaces

Shortly after the crush on the industrial style, the casters are no longer confined to raw furniture but invest the whole house for practical reasons. The casters then become the allies of small spaces. They allow you to adjust the spaces as needed: the storage units on casters then transform into partitions and the furniture becomes mobile to follow you both in the kitchen area and near the sofa Even the bed can then be adorned with casters to be placed in a day seat and moved to put the bed away after dark. You will understand, the casters, it is the solution for an interior in perpetual change!