Unusual: the optical illusion chair!

Unusual: the optical illusion chair!

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Called "The Hidden Chairs", the new collection of the design studio Ibride is based on an optical illusion: the designer Benoît Convers, who is at the origin of the studio with Rachel Convers and Carine Jannin, had fun at draw this new collection to represent three different design of chairs that disturb our landmarks! Let's take a look.

"The Hidden Chairs": The history of design

With three chairs as models of the new collection, Ibride reinterprets three icons from the history of design: The HiddenTerence model, with its essential lines and its horseshoe-shaped backrest, revisits an armchair from the Ming dynasty. The HiddenWagner model is inspired by the creations of the Austrian architect Otto Wagner, known for his urban planning writings and for his Art Nouveau constructions. Finally the last model, HiddenShaker, refers to the Shaker movement known for its refusal of any ornament.

The chair seen from another angle!

The optical illusion is stunning! The chair takes the iconic shape of an armchair from the history of design but when a person sits on it, we notice that the angle of the chair is completely different from what we imagined! The original silhouette of the chair disappears and our marks are blurred! Between logical form and astonishing form, one is pleasantly surprised by this game of perspectives.

100% French chairs

The Hidden Chairs is a collection which is made in Franche-Comté by specialized craftsmen. It is traditional know-how that allows Ibride to ensure a high level of quality at all stages!