The keys to designing your kitchen

The keys to designing your kitchen

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Are you about to design your kitchen but are not sure how to do it? Know that it is a business that requires time and thought to be sure to make the right choice. And to help you, we suggest that you guide yourself using 5 steps to study.

Step 1: before designing your kitchen, a market study is essential

Before embarking on the design of your kitchen, it is recommended to take a quick look at what is on the market. Ask for the catalogs of the different brands and even ask for quotes from certain kitchen designers. The idea of ​​this step is not only to define the brands that fit into your budget but also those that offer models that match your desires and your style. Identify the type of kitchen you want to offer yourself by already choosing the materials (kitchen furniture in wood, lacquered, metal effect ...).

Step 2: choosing the location of your kitchen

To choose your kitchen model, you will have to think about the layout that you want to bring to your furniture. It is at this point that you will determine the choice of your kitchen and its layout. Think about the number of storage spaces, worktops you want but also the shape that your kitchen will take, namely in I, L or U shape and whether you choose an island or not. Now is the time to specify your choice before proceeding to purchase.

Step 3: taking measurements in your kitchen

The measurement is a delicate operation which must be done as precisely as possible in order to guarantee the correct installation of your kitchen. It will be necessary not only to measure the distance from floor to ceiling, from wall to wall and angles, but also the size of doors and windows. Then remember to notify all switches, sockets and water supply. Be aware that if you are afraid of making a mistake, most of the brands offer a home help service where a specialist will come to your home to take the measures and advise you on your project.

Step 4: buying your kitchen

To buy your kitchen, you can go directly to the store or ask for support at home, but also know that you can design your kitchen using the software offered by the different brands. In principle easy to use, they allow you to visualize in 3D the rendering of your future kitchen. Once your kitchen has been designed from the software, all you have to do is go to the store with your project which will include the shopping list corresponding to your achievement.

Step 5: installing your kitchen

When it comes to a kit kitchen, you can choose to assemble the furniture yourself. But if DIY enthusiasts can get started with the installation of their new kitchen with enthusiasm, some may find it insurmountable. Fortunately, you can of course call on the installation service, which will guarantee a solid and quality installation. It's up to you to find the formula that suits you best.


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