Kitchen decor: accessories on a shelf

Kitchen decor: accessories on a shelf

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Do you want to decorate your kitchen? But you don't want to clutter up with useless objects? We have the solution: a very decorative shelf that will accommodate your accessories. Manual.

The choice of shelf

The first step in your decoration business is to choose a beautiful shelf that will support your accessories. We advise you to choose a shelf to attach to the wall. It must be simple to highlight the objects it will host. You can nevertheless opt for a colorful model that will energize your kitchen.

The accessories that you probably already have

The advantage of this decor idea is that it may not cost you money if you already have some nice accessories in your cupboards. It's time to select a few elements of your dishes that will decorate. We think for example of a cake server, a nice tea service or simply some pretty stacked bowls. Arrange each element as in a display case because even if they are useful elements, they will also be your decorative items.

The extra decor touch

To polish the decor of your shelf that is both practical and aesthetic, add some very decorative elements. You can for example equip yourself with small jars that you can garnish with pasta with original shapes, pieces of sugar or simply flour but also pretty colorful candies or gourmet cookies. Add one or two beautiful cookbooks and voila!


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