What is RJ45 wiring used for?

What is RJ45 wiring used for?

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Answer: to carry information.

When tackling an electrical installation, and more precisely the wiring of this installation to connect the various devices to each other and to the general switchboard, the choice of cables can sometimes be a real headache. Fortunately, each type of cable often has a specific function, as is the case with RJ45 cabling. RJ45 cabling is therefore used almost essentially for the transport of information, or more precisely for the circulation of so-called weak currents. RJ45 wiring therefore supplies the telephone, certain boxes, the Internet, etc. This type of cabling can be associated with a communication box which groups all of these weak currents and then allows these currents to circulate in any room of the house (to have the television in several rooms for example). You too, send us your DIY question.


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