Decorative baby bed linen

Decorative baby bed linen

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Did you know that your toddler spends an average of 16 hours a day sleeping. A time more than necessary which allows him to relax and record all the new information. This is why his sleep environment must be comfortable, warm, soft and reassuring. Here is a shopping choice to offer it the best.

First of all, here are the good gestures to adopt before choosing the baby bed linen

-Start by protecting your mattress from an alèze. Practical and washable, it prevents leaks from dirtying the mattress. -Then cover the mattress and the sheet with a sheet. Take it at the right size so that it fits perfectly with the mattress and there is no risk of it finding itself loose in the bed. -To keep baby warm all night, forget the duvet, sheets and blankets but prefer a sleeping bag, a kind of special baby down. And yes, you will see but your child tends to move a lot in his sleep and to try to snuggle against the walls of his bed. This is why dressing it in a sleeping bag means guaranteeing it always a warm sleep. -End point of the paraphernalia for the bed, it is the bumper. As the beds are often made up of bars, it is important to protect the area around it so that your child does not get his curious little fingers caught. In addition to protecting him, the bumper gives him the feeling of being comfortably curled up in his bed, a bit like in his mother's womb.

On the side of trends

There are several models of sleeping bags and bumper pads that will keep you coordinated with the decor of the room. Peas, mushrooms, sheep, some even tell great stories or their anti-monsters like at Babycalin. There are also more traditional honeycomb versions at La Redoute. But whatever you choose, the bed linen for babies all have a common denominator, they offer the sweetness necessary for baby to have beautiful dreams.


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