Accessories at low prices to bring color into the house

Accessories at low prices to bring color into the house

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Do you want to wake up your home without spending a fortune? The colors are then your allies because they parent accessories at low prices that will give style to the house. What accessories should you choose? What colors can we bring into the house? We tell you everything!

Colors that wake up the house

To wake up the house, these are the bright colors that we must use! With shades like red, yellow or orange, you are guaranteed to create maximum effect without having to do too much. The decorating tip is to mix these colors to create a colorful patchwork full of character. Do not hesitate to bet on a trio of colors for a harmonious rendering. Note also that you can integrate a "cooler" color into two very bright colors such as a combination of red, yellow and blue for a very primary mixture. Finally, know that pink is the color that comes out of the game in the spring. Both in a fuchsia version and in a softer shade, the pink color brightens up the house in the blink of an eye and can also be combined with other bright colors for a color block effect.

Accessories that set the tone

Now that you have your color code, you need to determine how you will get it into your decor. One word: accessory! It is indeed through small decorative objects that you will be able to use color with subtlety. And since you've already chosen bright colors, there's no need to overdo it. We can therefore settle for colored glasses on the dining room table, a pendant in the kitchen or at least three cushions on the living room sofa. If you want to get your hands dirty, bring three small white canvases that you will paint in your color code to bring your walls to life in the rhythm of spring.