Deco mistakes to avoid during a birthday party

Deco mistakes to avoid during a birthday party

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Ah! Birthday snacks! Our children and we want them to be perfect. Fun games, up-to-date music, enchanting decor and delicacies galore are the main secrets. But to take no risk from a decorative point of view, we have gathered the wrong steps not to commit…

Mistake # 1: decorate without theming

Balloons, confetti, garlands. Okay, some accessories are considered "essential". But to create enchantment, just the basics is not enough. For a festive decor at the top, it is necessary to find a theme. We will take into account the tastes of our child, based on the principle that his comrades will be on the same wavelength: universe of pirates, world of princess, enchanted forest, gourmet dinette ... It's up to you to find the universe that will know the fill! Imagine, for example, a superhero table where each place card would have the face of a cartoon or comic book hero. Something to amuse both girls and boys! A circus or Indian atmosphere would mean a semblance of a marquee or teepee in the garden (or in a corner of the room). A good excuse to give pride of place to games, but also to make-up and disguises! If it is the wicked pirates who make the toddlers dream, the skull patterns, the fake pieces of Monopoly and a vast map of the treasure island take care of creating the decor… As for the girls, we show them the life in pink by tying big ribbons behind their chair, by putting treats on stage under glass bells and by dropping a princess veil on the dining table… So, does that give you any ideas?

Mistake # 2: Plan for "real" dishes

If it seems normal to take out your best dishes at Easter or Christmas, it is less advisable to do so during birthday snacks! The idea: avoid breakage and potential injury. In short, when toddlers' friends arrive at home, disposable dishes, in plastic or cardboard, become our best ally. And beware of prejudice. This type of tableware is not as ugly as you think. He dresses in all kinds of colors and patterns (stars, polka dots, stripes, designs, flashy colors, pastel colors, precious colors, gold or silver…). So quickly, we fill up on dishes! It's chic and practical…

Mistake # 3: not customizing the table

It's a detail, but a detail that matters. Between place cards and small gift bags (filled with delicacies or others), the personalization of the table has its effect. What a shame then to deprive yourself! Come on, we dress the glasses with pretty labels, we stamp the name of each guest on paper towels or we write it on drawings placed on the plate. Ditto for the candy bags. Yes, personalizing the snack is easy, and it's the little guests who will be delighted!


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