The new oriental patterns settle in the house

The new oriental patterns settle in the house

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If our interiors had gradually left aside the Moroccan decor in favor of a more refined and design decoration, the oriental style returns to the front of the stage with a contemporary version that we adopt with pleasure in our interiors for a trip very subtle decor.

The moucharabieh revisited

Essential element of oriental decoration, moucharabieh is basically a way to naturally ventilate traditional dwellings thanks to an openwork wall that creates a play of lace with oriental patterns. In the house, the moucharabieh becomes an element of wall decoration by installing itself as a table to give relief to your walls. But to integrate it as well as possible in our contemporary decoration, exit dark woods and its colors are trendy with in particular white or light gray which allow to illuminate the house by highlighting the motif even better. We adopt it with delicacy in a chic and feminine decor.

Hammered metal

Metal is one of the materials of predilection for modern interiors, and one can then draw without hesitation in Moroccan craftsmanship to offer pieces that will infuse a note of travel with the decoration while remaining in a contemporary spirit. We can opt for lanterns or even small hammered metal furniture which creates small indentations in the metal to remove its smooth appearance and give it a very worked style. Brilliant, this metal will not fail to give a precious aspect to your decoration with accessories that highlight the richness of oriental decorations.