Good tip: barter and services on the Internet

Good tip: barter and services on the Internet

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Today, there are more and more good plans on the Internet. Whether you are looking for a plumber for your bathroom or a gardener to prune your thuja, you will find the ideal person on these many service exchange sites. If you want to change your decor, why not swap your sofa for another one? Here is a quick overview of what is done on the web!

Jobbing: a new paid service

Among the many advertising sites, we have selected three attractive concepts. Join these communities of mutual aid and services. On and, you can apply to provide a service or register if you are looking for someone to help you. Need help with IT, are you lost in filing your administrative papers or want to offer your services to clean up or help an elderly person to do his shopping? There is everything on these sites. Do you need big arms to move your apartment or assemble your last piece of furniture in kit form? are there for you. Present in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Evry, Nice and Nantes, these young men are ready to intervene to help you: repot your plants, repair an electrical outlet or lay a carpet. The "Jules" intervene in individuals but also in companies. Like Superman, the Jules are flying to your rescue!

Barter online: a simple and economical solution

In the middle of spring cleaning, you want to get rid of your old dresser or your mother-in-law's bedside table? Think of barter! There are many barter websites, including,, or The system is rather simple, find on these sites furniture, decorative objects, clothes, books, services ... that some people wish to exchange, give or sell at low prices. It's up to you to get in touch with these people and offer an object or service to trade. The site has created a real social support network between women. It allows you to exchange free advice, services and other help in decoration, creative hobbies, cooking ... If you need a photographer to take a portrait of your family, advice for an interview hire… there is always a good friend ready to help you!