Do I need an authorization to connect solar panels?

Do I need an authorization to connect solar panels?

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Answer: a declaration is compulsory.

Although the law has favored the installation of solar panels for several years, the fact remains that this installation remains subject to a declaration, which differs depending on the case. In the case of a new construction with integration of solar panels on the roof, the work will be subject to the acceptance of a building permit (surface created greater than 20 m²) or to a prior declaration. Compliance with the local urban plan will then provide a favorable or unfavorable response. In the case of a modification of an existing accommodation, the installation is subject to a prior declaration. Since January 13, 2011, know that it is not possible, in the two cases presented, to be refused the installation of devices for the production of renewable energy for the domestic needs of the occupants. Only specific buildings (classified, heritage, protected area, etc.) may be refused this installation. You too, send us your DIY question.


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