5 trendy styles to put green in the living room

5 trendy styles to put green in the living room

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With the return of spring, our desires for nature have never been so intense! To soothe them, we bring it into the living room, adopting one of the most popular plant trends of the season.

The "jungle" style

Since the prints of exotic foliage have invaded fashion and decoration collections, the "jungle" style is officially THE spring / summer 2013 trend. Result: to laze in the middle of dense vegetation in the tropics, "jungle" accessories but only in small touches: a cushion, a strip of wallpaper or a pair of curtains!

The "Mexico" style

Coming in second position behind the "Amazon rainforest" atmosphere, the "Mexico" style is also, this season, a sure bet. Selection of cacti to grow here and there; Navajo patterned wall canvas to hang behind potted plants: the decor takes us on a journey!

The "country chic" style

Fancy a getaway in the countryside? To reconnect with the sweetness of life that reigns in the fields, we weave wreaths in series and hang them on the wall as if they were works of art. An unusual and very rural collection that will not fail to produce its little decorative effect!

The "botanical" style

Two possibilities to adopt the botanical trend in the living room: frame drawings of plants or dried tree leaves then flattened like herbarium. This original wall decoration pays tribute to nature!

The "vegetable garden" style

What if we green the living room by giving it a bit of a vegetable patch? Just plant a few aromatics in nicely labeled glass containers and you're good to go!