Are the dimmers compatible with all types of bulbs?

Are the dimmers compatible with all types of bulbs?

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Answer: not yet, but more and more.

A specific switch used to vary the light intensity of a room, the dimmer is an increasingly popular electrical accessory to add an aspect of modernity to the lighting of a room. Only here, all the bulbs are not (yet) compatible with dimmers, so you will need to choose your bulbs carefully. To help you in your choice of bulbs for dimmers, be aware that there is a pictogram on the packaging of the bulbs which specifies whether or not this type of bulb (crossed out pictogram) can be used with a dimmer. Today, however, there are more and more bulbs compatible with a dimmer, such as certain compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs, even if their price can then be a little higher than that of a "classic" bulb. us your brico question.


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