These robots that do everything!

These robots that do everything!

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Because homemade is still booming but time and space are running out, new robots are appearing to assist you in the kitchen. Practical, efficient and space-saving, they do everything for you! Presentation.

The famous Thermomix

The Thermomix is ​​the essential robot for home-made lovers! A true pioneer in the field, this robot combines four devices in the 1960s to offer "all-in-one" cooking. The device is already mixing, kneading, cutting, grating, grinding, mixing and pressing. And the device never stops evolving to become the ultimate robot which today combines 14 functions in order to use only this device from aperitif to dessert. But to enter this insider club (sales take place at home and offer advice on use), you still have to pay 999 euros but you will no longer need any robot.

New all-purpose robots

With the success of the Thermomix, the small household appliance brands have also developed increasingly efficient robots. The real plus? Robots that add to their traditional functions the possibility of cooking food at the same time. Kenwood offers its Cooking Chef, a pastry robot that enriches itself with cooking so that it only uses one device for your preparations. At Siméo, the Delimix works wonders thanks to a very complete multi-function robot which also offers many cooking functions for simmering, boiling, steaming or gentle cooking. And if these super robots are still a little expensive, brands also adapt to small budgets by offering less sophisticated devices but still very practical. So recently, traditional blenders have seen the addition of a cooking function which allows soups and sauces to be made with just one appliance! Already a real revolution!