The mistakes to avoid for a top pool before summer

The mistakes to avoid for a top pool before summer

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What a joy to enjoy the pool when the sun is shining. But for that, you have to take care of it a minimum so that it is ready when the time to put on your swimsuit comes. So to be on time, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Do not neglect the refilling

No way to bathe in green water or dirty water! So to bring your pool out of winter, you will have to put it back in water. And it is this operation that will guarantee you a good quality of swimming throughout the season, so you should not neglect it. Know therefore that the re-filling is done ideally when the water temperature is between 11 and 15 °, that is to say before the algae are formed. You will have to carry out a good cleaning first with the landing net then with the robot and sometimes brush the walls. If your water is really green, use a special treatment, filter the entire volume of water and clean the walls well. And note that the secret of good re-watering is above all through good filtration. Also plan to add the water that evaporated during the winter.

Don't forget the renovation

More than water management, the pool sometimes requires a few small renovations in order to make the most of your pool. It is therefore before the summer and the swimming period that we must take care of small repairs. If you need to change the liner for leaks, now is the time to do it. Also check that your filtration systems are working perfectly well. You can also change it for a more efficient model, which will ensure you a better quality of bathing.

Don't play with security

Safety is one of the most important points when approaching the pool because every year many accidents are directly linked to it. As a reminder, the law provides that all owners of in-ground or semi-inground pools install a safety device. You then have the choice and can opt for a protective barrier to prevent unattended access to the pool, a cover to prevent falls from the pool, a security alarm or a shelter that closes the pool. Before summer, do not hesitate to strengthen your safety device by adding an element. In addition, always remain vigilant.

Don't count that on the pool

Finally, for the swimming pool to be at the top this summer, there are not only the technical aspects to take into account! So it's up to you to make your pool as pleasant as possible by focusing on decoration. Dress the edges of your pool with flower pots, lights that will transform the atmosphere after dark. There are even lights that can float on the water for a stunning decor. And above all, do not forget the garden furniture which will allow you to sunbathe at the exit of the swimming pool. The trend is towards the swimming pool as a new living room, so do not hesitate to take care of it on the decorative side like one of the rooms in the house. Find all the mistakes to avoid in your garden.