The new trendy coverings for the terrace: wooden, concrete or stone slabs

The new trendy coverings for the terrace: wooden, concrete or stone slabs

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The terrace is a favorite place to have a good time. Dinners, aperitifs with friends, well-deserved naps, lively family discussions, it is the place where it is pleasant to linger and have a good time. So take care of it and offer it a floor covering that is simple to install and just as easy to maintain. Discover now 5 new floor coverings terribly in trend!

Tiles for the terrace in reconstituted stones

In a more traditional version, with ease of use, choose the reconstituted stone slabs. Simple to install, they come together like a tiling and bring to the terrace a decorative spirit of yesteryear, without any maintenance constraints. They can be placed directly on the ground or on a bed of sand. Their structured and textured appearance beautifully imitates stone for a stunning effect on the terrace.

Natural stone slabs

To offer an incomparable cachet to your terrace, the natural stone slabs transcribe the charm of Belgian blue stone. This noble material worked since the Middle Ages has thermal, acoustic and environmental advantages. They have now become accessible and are sold in DIY supermarkets.

Exotic wood patio tiles

The warmth of wood also takes over the terrace. Increasingly appreciated, wood is a recommended material both in countries in northern Europe and in hot and humid countries. Chosen in wood species like teak or pine, it is as resistant as any other material. Easy to install when it is made up of slabs, assemble it to compose a terrace with exotic accents.

The terrace is dressed in slate imitation slabs

Slate is not just for roofing. Robust and decorative, its colors vary between black and gray. She also finds a certain craze as a floor covering. In damp rooms but also on the terrace. Simplify your life by choosing it in polypropylene. Simpler to maintain, some are fitted with a clip system for easier installation and treated to be non-slip. They are therefore more secure, ideal if you have children.

Slabs inlaid with light for the terrace

Rediscover the pleasure of a floor nicely equipped with luminescent LEDs so that at nightfall, it lights up with little sparkling dots. A word of advice, think of this lighting system when designing your space. If it is too late, rest assured there are leds to place or plant directly in the ground and which recharge in the sun. But these purely decorative, will not light as well as electric LEDs and have a limited lighting time.