One piece of furniture, several possibilities for decorative makeovers

One piece of furniture, several possibilities for decorative makeovers

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Enough of this too classic wooden dresser? A little facelift is needed! Arm yourself with spray paint, stencils or wallpaper, and off you go for a complete makeover, creativity in the spotlight!

With spray paint

Start by determining one (or more) color (s) and style with which to erase the natural and ordinary look of your furniture. If you want to harmonize it with the other black pieces of furniture in the house, then it is black that you need. If you want to awaken in it, a small industrial aspect, prefer anthracite gray or concrete effect. And so on. But know that fantasies are also allowed! If you have the soul of an artist, why not customize it as if it were a canvas by freely expressing your creativity? With bright colors and a graffiti inspiration, the street art effect has everything to create a surprise. With primary colors, restoring the Mondrian look will be within your reach. As for pastel shades, forming a rainbow of stripes of different widths can only fascinate the fairer sex! You understood it, even if you were to dish out your furniture, you might as well be creative and original! It remains to go into DIY stores to choose the special paint spray cans required. Then, after a short sanding allowing the paint to hang better, we put the furniture in "express makeover" condition. This means that it is placed in the center of a room (if possible, outside or in the garage) before protecting its surroundings as much as possible. Cardboard, newsprint en masse: everything is good for sparing the walls and the floor! Finally, we take action, then let it dry ...

With stencils

Letters, numbers, patterns… stencils are available in all shapes and styles. The good point is that they are inexpensive and they personalize the furniture in style so that it looks like no other. Need ideas before getting started? Think for example of poetic inscriptions if it is intended to furnish the child's room. Their first name, the words "dreams", "pirates", "princess" and others, will only accentuate their universe! You can also opt for the "number" trend by entering a multi-digit number, like a cargo (for a sailor and seaside spirit) or sports jersey (if you are a serious sportsman). Very graphic, this bias will have its small effect! For teenagers, we like trendy skull-type stencils, comic book bubbles, Union Jacks… Once the choice is made, it's time to get active, spray paint or brushes in hand. A few minutes later, your furniture will be like new!

With wallpaper

If it is the prints of a wallpaper that are close to your heart (such as Jouy canvas, liberty, checkered, geometric, urban, etc.), know that it is also possible to use a drop to revamp your dresser! We start by precutting it, using a cutter, to the dimensions of the piece of furniture (its tray, its front, its drawers, its sides). Then, with furniture glue or double-sided adhesive (affixed upstream on the perimeter of the chest of drawers), each piece of wall covering is fixed one by one. To obtain a perfect result, the gestures must be meticulous and careful! Then, you just have to admire the work. Or the merit of having transformed an ordinary piece of furniture into a truly unique piece of furniture… To inspire you, here is an illustrated example: a single piece of furniture, customized in different ways…


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