Can the same work be carried out with a cordless drill and a corded drill?

Can the same work be carried out with a cordless drill and a corded drill?

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Answer: it depends on the work to be done.

After the hammer, the drill is the essential tool for any handyman. A tool that no longer just drills but can also screw or mix as needed. Cordless drills have the advantage of being able to be used everywhere and in all circumstances. But their use is preferable for the drilling of light materials and small screwing jobs. No need to search for a nearby outlet or extension, just check that the charger is not empty. The power of a cordless drill is quite limited but may be sufficient in the case of soft walls to be pierced, such as plaster or brick. It will not be suitable for longer work, as it discharges quickly. If you wish to drill metal or concrete, the corded drill will be necessary. Percussion models will require less effort and get the job done faster. The price will depend on the power, accessories and options provided. You too, send us your DIY question


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