Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Picnic

Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Picnic

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When the sun comes up, the urge to settle outside becomes a real obsession. Whether in your garden or in nature, the picnic is an essential moment of the summer season provided you prepare it well. So for a picnic without a false note, check before leaving that you are not making any mistakes.

Do not choose the location at random

For a highly decorative picnic, the location you choose is essential! Indeed, it is the place where you will settle that will determine the atmosphere of your picnic. You can choose to have lunch under a tree for a lazy spirit in the shade, near a lake for a refreshing moment or in a pretty meadow for a more rural spirit. Anyway, know that your location will set the tone of the picnic by releasing a theme and that you will be able to adapt dishes and dishes to taste at the place that you will have, you will have understood, carefully chosen. Do not hesitate to bring a guide of the region who can give you some ideas and make you discover landscapes that you do not yet know.

Don't think a picnic can't be a real meal

Do you think that a picnic is necessarily an unbalanced meal that we take on the go? Think again, the picnic is a real meal that you can enjoy for a long time if you take your time. And to avoid eating too much bread, prepare your picnic like a real meal without forcing yourself to feed your family and friends with the traditional ham and butter sandwich. For this, do not hesitate to prepare one or two mixed salads which will be particularly appreciated if it is hot. Add cherry tomatoes to snack on and swap sandwiches for homemade cakes, savory pies or roasted meat. Accompany the whole with green salad and you will have a complete and more balanced meal than by eating mostly bread. For dessert, refreshing fruit is welcome.

Don't neglect comfort

For a successful picnic, it's not just the dishes you serve that are important! On the contrary, it is often comfort that will determine the success of your picnic. It will indeed be necessary to ensure that everyone is perfectly installed and that the picnic can extend to enjoy the sun. To install your picnic area, start with the essential tablecloth or even a blanket that will accommodate the dishes. And to make everyone feel good, offer chair slabs or floor cushions that you will place on the edges of the blanket to ensure the comfort of the glutes of your guests. Being on the floor can be very pleasant but it is sometimes not suitable for people with back problems or being older. If this is the case, opt for a picnic table that will make you enjoy the outdoors just as much by being comfortable.

Don't forget the dishes

Finally, for your picnic to be a real success, do not neglect the dishes! We forget the paper plates and the plastic cups. If you have the possibility, do not hesitate to take your dishes everyday for ideal comfort and a very chic decorative touch. If you do not want to clutter up with too heavy and fragile dishes, melamine dishes are your ally. Particularly designed for picnics, it is rigid, light, unbreakable and above all very decorative thanks to bold colors. A real alternative to uncomfortable plastic!