Why choose an armored door?

Why choose an armored door?

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Answer: the shielding delays the break-in of a dwelling and dissuades burglars.

According to official statistics, the vast majority of burglars pass through the front door to enter the homes of their victims. However, if the door resists them for more than a few minutes, they generally end up giving up the burglary, for fear of attracting the attention of neighbors and therefore of the police. A classic front door with a standard lock will not last long against the onslaught of a burglar. On the other hand, an armored door will be particularly difficult to break even for professional thieves. It allows not only to delay the break-in, but also to increase the din caused by the break-in, to the point of dissuading the perpetrators ... Furthermore, the shielding of a door has an insulating effect on the accommodation (against the cold and noise). And the aesthetic aspect has been reworked in recent years with beautiful finishes in wood or aluminum to integrate more easily into the accommodation.