Can I benefit from a tax credit by installing a door?

Can I benefit from a tax credit by installing a door?

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Answer: the door installed must have insulating properties.

This tax credit is valid on the purchase price of the insulating door only, it does not apply to the price of labor. Who can benefit ? Any tenant or owner who decides to install an insulating door thus promoting sustainable development. You do not have to be taxable to be able to claim this tax credit. Regarding construction, the building or residence in question must have been completed for more than two years and the work must have been carried out between 2005 and 2012. The installation work for the door must be carried out by a professional who will issue the invoice which will serve as proof. This tax credit is limited to 8,000 euros per person, 16,000 euros therefore for a couple. To benefit from it, you will have to fill in the corresponding lines on your tax return and attach a copy of the invoice. The administration will verify that the door installed corresponds to the standards defined by a decree of November 13, 2007. You too, send us your question brico