Personalize furniture… by feet

Personalize furniture… by feet

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Bring new life to the living room table, the office and the dresser that, we had thought about it. But not to do it by the feet! Explanations: instead of customizing the most visible part of the furniture, the other possibility, more subtle and more original, is to take an interest in the structure allowing it to stand up. Still not clear to you? Here are some ways to customize a piece of furniture by the feet!

By mismatching them

Possibility number 1: change the legs of the furniture by opting for mismatched models. The idea? Give a "double sided" effect to the whole to move from a classic aesthetic to an unusual design. For example, under the top of a chest of drawers, we choose, on the left, two mottled legs in the Baroque style, and on the right, two very modern legs. Chic and offbeat result guaranteed! However, apart from the style, we can also play the mismatched effect by the color. For example, why not repaint, under the table top, two feet in black and then the other two in white? In a black & white decor, this contrast present where you least expect it, certainly creates the surprise!

With paint

Second possibility: repaint with an unexpected color, the feet of the piece of furniture you wish to revamp. A neon pink, a flashy yellow or an electric blue for example! Because in small touches, these hues full of energy have everything to revitalize the too wise, too classic or slightly spent aspect of the furniture in question. We can also qualify the final result by painting only one of the four legs or coloring them only halfway. The idea: provoke the energizing effect with more subtlety and originality!

By dressing them

The next knitting session will not aim for a pretty baby blanket or a little summer sweater, but tights for ... furniture. Indeed, if the concept seems totally wacky, it is a daring bet that deserves admiration because it offers a little note of fantasy in the decor. To believe that well-fitted furniture has everything to stand out! And if we are not a lover of sewing or knitting, nothing prevents us from using real socks (the prettiest or the most kitsch depending on the dose of humor sought) to dress the feet of the furniture. By pushing the concept a little further, we could almost consider putting on mini shoes on each foot!

With atypical models

The last solution was found at Prettypegs! Specializing in the design of furniture legs that are as chic as they are atypical, this brand is dedicated to the customization of furniture… Ikéa. Conical, V, triangular, oblique or round end models, flashy or pastel, wood color, gold, black or white… the brand has everything planned to make the basics absolutely unique. Foot ! Because even if we all have a shelf, a table or an Ikea sofa at home, there is no question that our house looks like that of everyone.