What to choose between a roof window and a skylight?

What to choose between a roof window and a skylight?

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Answer: bet on the practical or aesthetic aspect.

There are two types of arrangements dedicated to an opening in your roof: skylights, often referred to by the brand name Velux®, and skylights, also called sitting dogs. Their common point: allow you to create a living room in your attic by providing lighting and ventilation. For the rest, their differences are significant enough to help you make your choice. Modern, the roof window creates a wider opening than the skylight. Its advantage: it is installed on roofs inclined from 15 to 90 °. The range of roof windows is wide and varied. It includes models fitted with double glazing. If the roof window is priced lower than the skylight, it has, however, less charm. Classic in style, the skylight is appreciated for enhancing the elegance of an old building. However, it can only be installed on windows with a minimum inclination of 30 °. You too, send us your decoration question