4 cleaning tips for your stone patio

4 cleaning tips for your stone patio

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After the summer period when your terrace has been damaged by your recurring passages and those of your children, by the parties of repeated barbecues and other convivial meals, it is time to "restore health" so that it is ready for brave winter and its bad weather. But depending on the material of your patio, you will not do the same to clean it. As the stone is delicate, gentle cleaning is essential…

The high pressure water cleaner in the cupboard

Do you think you can thoroughly strip your beautiful stone terrace with a high-pressure water cleaner? In the very short term, of course, this is the case. But this brutal technique actually damages and weakens the surface of the stone, which in the long term promotes the implantation of lichens and also facilitates the penetration of all kinds of dirt. To clean the stone, you need less aggressive techniques…

Bleach under several conditions

It can help you clean up natural dirt. It will certainly come to the end of the mosses that have become established over time on your stones, but it will also be able to overcome the pretty outdoor plants that surround your terrace, and that is obviously not the goal! So watch out for the environment of your terrace and harmful watering. Another imperative precaution: brush your terrace in the evening or in the morning, far from the rays of the sun and when the stone is completely cold, because otherwise you could well get intoxicated ...

Long live ecological products!

The best thing is to bring a good broom, a little elbow grease, a bucket with lukewarm water added with soda crystals or black soap and finally scrub ! This first step finished, you will have to rinse well with water. You can then do a second wash, this time with Marseille soap and tackle the toughest tasks before rinsing again. Some specific products may be used against certain specific tasks. This is the case, for example, for alcohol, tea or coffee stains that are cleaned with a damp sponge and glycerin or for oil stains that you rub with '' a brush, a little water and baking soda. Marseille soap, to be applied as a paste (water + Marseille soap shavings), is particularly suitable for cleaning acid stains: vinegar, urine, etc.

Waterproof stone for winter

Bad weather over time inevitably deteriorates the stone, weakening it and making it more and more permeable to natural dirt or those linked to human activity. To best protect your stone terrace, it will be necessary, after cleaning, to pass it a waterproofing product which will promote its waterproofing over time and consequently limit the penetration of dirt. It will be ready for the next summer season! Get your brooms!