Video: compose a bridal bouquet

Video: compose a bridal bouquet

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For tight wedding budgets, we put on a bridal bouquet to compose yourself. Thanks to our advice, you will see that it is worthy of a bouquet of florists specially designed for the happiest day of your life!

Watch the video :

Level: easy Completion time : 20 minutes Indicative cost: 60 € Necessary material : orchids (20 - 25 florets) + beargrass + pin beads + hole beads + white ribbon + raffia

Steps :

- Thread pearls with holes in the beargrass, keeping your fingers on the pearls to avoid cutting yourself with the beargrass. Repeat the operation on a dozen beargrass. - Compose the bouquet by joining orchids to beargrass by alternating them. - Let 3 pearl beargrass delicately protrude above the final composition. - Equalize the bouquet. - Tie the bouquet with raffia. - Cover part of the stems by winding them with white tape. - Attach the ribbon with pin beads. - Put the bouquet in a vase while waiting for the moment when the bride will hold it in her hands, in order to prevent the florets from being damaged. The decor idea: dare to prick flashy colored pearls (fuchsia pink for example) to sparkle your bridal bouquet. Creation and flowers: Watercolor


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