Safety in the garden: mistakes to avoid

Safety in the garden: mistakes to avoid

During the summer season, we must be extra vigilant in terms of safety because the garden can be a source of many accidents. So to spend a peaceful summer and avoid emergencies as a holiday destination, we give you the mistakes to avoid to enjoy the garden safely.

Do not lower your vigilance with the pool

You have had a swimming pool for a long time and are used to summers which combine swimming and sunbathing but this is not a reason to lower your vigilance because the swimming pool remains one of the first causes of accidents in the summer. It is needless to remember that we do not run around the pool to avoid falling and risking drowning, but we are also very vigilant during swimming. Always make sure that children are under the supervision of an adult. Also, when the pool is not in use, feel free to use as many safety systems as possible. You can cover the pool, install a barrier and use an alarm that will notify you in the event of a fall.

Don't walk barefoot outside

Between swimming and sunbathing in the garden, we often find ourselves barefoot but it is a real mistake! Indeed, when you walk with wet feet on the floor and especially the tiling of the terrace, you risk falling and hurting yourself very much. By walking barefoot in the grass, the danger is just as present! You can cut yourself with small stones or branches; you also risk insect bites which can be very painful. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, consider getting flip-flops or small sandals that are easy to put on and take off. You can use them to go back and forth between the deckchair and the pool for example.

Don't neglect the sun

Of course the sun is very pleasant but you still have to protect yourself from it so that summer does not go bad because of serious burns. For this, it is of course necessary to use sun creams which will protect your skin from UV rays. And remember that water reflects UV and therefore increases the power of the sun. Protect yourself all the more when you are in the water and avoid swimming when the sun is at its zenith. In addition, consider also a more general protection by placing umbrellas or blinds for the terrace. And do not forget that the sun moves throughout the day and that it will therefore be necessary to think about adapting the protection by changing the place of the parasol for example.

Don't forget to tidy up the garden

Finally, know that to secure your garden, it will have to be tidy! Remember to put the garden tools in a safe place and do not leave them lying around because the children could be injured. We also do not leave the garden hose in the grass under penalty of getting caught in it. In addition, a well-kept garden with well-cut grass allows you to see what you are going to walk on! Find all the mistakes to avoid in your garden.