Make the bathroom prettier with accessories

Make the bathroom prettier with accessories

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To give style to your bathroom, you can count on a few accessories that will create a chic and decorative atmosphere. By taking care of the accessories, your whole bathroom will be transformed thanks to our three ideas!

Idea n ° 1: Multiply the mirrors

To enhance the style of your bathroom, consider increasing the number of decorative accessories. For example, rather than opting for a single mirror above your sink, prefer to use two identical models. Also remember to play with more original shapes than simple rectangles. You can also choose a decorative mirror originally intended for another room.

Idea n ° 2: Choose pretty bottles

On your sink, bottles of soap and other cosmetics are not always aesthetic. To remedy this problem, we then opt for distributors that will make it possible to remove unsightly plastic packaging in favor of a beautiful container that can match the style of your bathroom. The good news is that you can then buy "refill" products that will be less expensive.

Idea n ° 3: Small decorative storage

Finally, to store your accessories, think of pretty small containers. Prefer a small basket to place your different makeup accessories and also provide a basket to store shampoos and other beauty products together. Note that you can also store the towels in baskets for more style and that even dirty laundry can find its place in a beautiful container! Our practical bathroom videos